Client Testimonials

"I cannot say enough good things about you and what I particularly like about you, (and I tell everyone who inquires) is that you are in no way intimidating. A lot of us are brain dead when it comes to finances…we deal with our finances the best way we know how but we haven’t a clue what is the right way and wrong way because we have never been taught AND it was never a priority……I wish I knew 20-30 years ago what I know now…I’d probably be a millionaire. I tell my friends/family that if a doctor had the same bedside manner as you do, we’d all be healthy and happy….you listen dutifully and thoroughly explain things until understood…you even read faces and expressions and I know you can tell if I’m not getting it because you change your course of explanation to a way I do understand. It would be great if you could target to the younger generation, early 20’s, and make them understand how important it is at their age to be wise with their money for their future. I want to be your advocate and pave your way to being a motivational speaker on ‘financing for the future’….. 

You made a huge difference in my life… a couple of years ago, I came to you for advice. You gave me some good advice as well as a resource (the book – Start Late, Finish Rich). I pulled out what I needed and allowed myself to follow the advice of the book…and today (and tomorrow), I am in a much better financial place than I have ever been….all thanks to you!" - Terri Fleck

"Thank you so much for all you have done to help me make the transition from work to retirement. My investments have grown with your help and expertise so that I can feel secure in the furture. It is never easy to be a single parent of a mentally challenged adult. The RDSP that we set up for John has allowed me to invest just the right amount for maxium benefit. I can hardly believe with just $1500.00 that account has now over $ 6000.00 in less than a year. Your advice on my personal financial situation has been timely and professional. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship in the future." - Irene Shankel Birch 

"I transferred my entire account portfolio to Helen after a few one on one phone calls and a face to face interview. I was very sceptical of the investment industry at that time due to the past crash in 2001 and my last investment planner. Helen quickly addressed my issues (fear) with respect to my investment sensitivities. (I had considered stuffng all my $ in a mattress) Not only did I work with Helen on my portfolio (she actually listens!), she was clear on my risk tolerance and would not proceed with any transactions until all my questions were answered and I was thoroughly comfortable with our approach. She takes the time to explain things! Helen is a total pleasure to work with, is a good listener, very knowledgeable, has personal commitment in her approach and truly cares about her clients." - Gary Hackett 

"Helen MacCormack of IPC Investment Corporation, had been recommended to me by co-workers who had dealt with her during our company’s plant closing, however, I always thought that you had to have a lot of money before you should even consider going to a Financial Planner. When I was offered a severance package myself, I immediately contacted Helen to see if I could even consider retiring. Helen is so down to earth, personable, extremely knowledgeable and very supportive, so much so, that I started to unwind knowing that she was going to make sense of all the forms, etc. and make sure my money was invested properly so it would provide me with the income I needed to enjoy an early retirement. Helen loves what she does, is good at it and I’m so thankful my friends recommended her to me. I don’t know what I’d have done without her expertise and support." - Wendy Bishop