Brett Worby Client Testimonials

"Brett has carefully watched after my interests to ensure that my returns are in keeping with my lifestyle. Since I set up in business on my own in 1995, I have become a more conservative investor, which Brett has understood and acted accordingly. 

He holds frequent meetings with me to review my progress of investments against pre-set goals and is not afraid to recommend changes if they do not meet my long- term objectives. I feel that Brett has my best interests at heart, rather than his own, when he talks with me about investment strategies.”- John Cobby , Founder, GALENOS


"We have been clients of Brett Worby for over 10 years and have found him to exemplify IPC’s corporate values, professionalism, and business ethics. On a personal note, his character of being friendly, approachable, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in a financial field adds to our comfort level and trust to manage our financial plan. 

Brett communicates in layman’s terms and believes in long-term planning with flexibility, taking into account Tax avoidance issues. In today’s world, people need a Financial Planner as part of their daily lifestyle. It’s a win, win situation with Brett. In his eyes, your  success is his success. He is more than capable to achieve positive results." - Paul and Helen Chumley , Retired 


"Brett has been our Financial Planner for more than 15 years and advised our family of five through various stages of our lives. (Life insurance, line of credit, investing, RESP’s, RRSP’s) He has worked hard to get to know our family, always finding the best solutions that are customized to our needs. He has earned our trust and loyalty through making the right  decisions for us in offering new products we never would have known existed. 

More than anything, he has put our minds at  ease during trying times and come through for us in so many different ways." - David Rowney  Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP


"Our family has been relying on advice from Brett for over 10 years, covering everything from students education, to retirement planning and investment counseling. What I appreciate is that Brett supports us on a wide range of topics, such as investing in my company, and not just those investments that he might be involved in introducing me to. I feel he has our families best interest at heart. I never feel pressured to make a decision, and I appreciate his friendly follow up calls to touch base." - Phil Moddle, Principal, Golder Associates