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Understanding Your Statement 

Beginning in 2017, you will find that your fourth quarter statement, typically mailed out in January, includes two new sections. Overall, the addition of these new sections to your year-end statement aims to enhance your understanding of the overall performance of your investments as well as the cost and compensation related to your accounts.


Navigating Life's Major Events

Financial planning can help you prepare for life's major financial events. Creating a financial plan helps you set both short-term and long-term goals, an important step in mapping out and navigating your financial future.

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  • Brett has carefully watched after my interests to ensure that my returns are in keeping with my lifestyle. Since I set up in business on my own in 1995, I have become a more conservative investor, which Brett has understood and acted accordingly.

    – John Cobby
  • We have been clients of Brett Worby for over 10 years and have found him to exemplify IPC’s corporate values, professionalism, and business ethics. On a personal note, his character of being friendly, approachable, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in a financial field.

    – Paul and Helen Chumley