Financial Planning for Retirees

The saving and investing patterns that have gotten you “to” retirement are markedly different from the patterns that will get you “through” retirement. Whether you’re newly retired or fully retired we’ll create a written income plan that smoothes the tax bite on your retirement income over time and give you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to fund your desired lifestyle expenses throughout your retirement years. Let’s get the conversation started!

Our team has specialized expertise that combines tax and estate planning to help you make the most efficient use of your assets in retirement. We take a look at the whole picture –– your health, your retirement lifestyle, your need for income, your desire to create a legacy for future generations or for your favourite charities –– and provide you with the options and guidance to make sure that your financial life is organized exactly as you wish it to be.

A winning financial game plan is not glamourous, it’s just common sense. For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your dreams, please feel free to contact our office.