Plan Your Estate

Many Canadians spend a lifetime working to accumulate assets without making any effort to protect their investments or income stream. Yet a failure to plan can unnecessarily compound the stress of a death or disability, increasing the financial and emotional burden for families and in some cases leading to dire consequences. This is especially unfortunate, given that estate planning need not be complicated or expensive.

Our team has developed the Risk Management Review to help identify all the potential financial risks you could encounter during your lifetime. These are risks that could have an impact on your security and that of your family – risks that could shatter dreams.

We will then recommend strategies to address each risk in the most cost-effective manner. Through IPC Estate Services Inc., we can offer solutions such as life, disability and critical insurance and provide other strategies to manage risk and plan your estate.

We can help you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with taking action to protect your loved ones.

To receive free information about estate planning or risk management or speak to one of our team members about your overall estate plan, please contact us.